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Due to very high demand, the waiting time for hubs orders is 6-8 weeks before delivery. Thanks a lot for your patience !

Our philosophy


Every pieces are machined with very tight tolerances as small as 0.01 mm. Every part that doesn't fit our tolerances is rejected.

Local manufacturing

Our hubshells, freewheel and endcaps are made in our workshop in Belgium. Our axles are subcontracted in another company in Belgium. Sapim spokes and nipples are also manufactured in Belgium.

Local sourcing

Aluminium, titanium and screws suppliers are in Belgium. Seals are made in Italy. Anodizing process is made in the Netherlands. And only the springs are from Asia for technical reasons.


All our wheels are built by our hands. We don't stop until :
- Lateral movement is down to 0.05mm.
- Radial movement is down to 0.25mm.
- Spokes tensions are at 1100N +- 5%.
- The wheel is perfectly centered.


We  avoid distributors to :
- Be closer to the handbuilders  and the final customer.
- Offer the same quality products at a more attractive price.
- Be more reactive in case of specific demands, product defaults, ...

Easy service

Our hubs are designed to avoid any specific tools. It's easy to open by pulling the freewheel out. And there's not a chance to loose a piece. Even if you've never serviced any hub, go ahead, you'll see, it's easy. And if you have any trouble, check our Youtube channel, everything is explained.


Our hubs are designed so the bearings can turn fluidly as long as your wheels last. We use bicycle specific angular bearings with play adjustment system and a seal that makes the hub watertight. With little servicing, easily done due to our design, you'll keep your bearings as good as new for a very long time.

Lifetime warranty

Our hubs and wheels have a LIFETIME warranty except for the bearings. We are so confident in our products that we can offer you this warranty. (Only for the first owner).