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Due to very high demand, the waiting time for hubs orders is 6-8 weeks before delivery. Thanks a lot for your patience !

The team

Odoo • Image and Text


Maxime in on the left. He is a mechanical engineer and an Enduro pilot, that's a good way to torture our wheels. He had a four months internship within another hub manufacturer and is passionnate by machining and kinematics.


Thomas is on the center. He is a wheel handbuilder and rides a disc road bike. He has created the BeWheels company, specialized in custom handbuilding wheels and is passionate by mechanics.


Julien is on the right. He is a welder and rides 9 different bikes ! He has experiences in lots of different fields : welding, machining, mechanics, surface treatments, wheels handbuilding, ... Real self-taught, he is the handyman.