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Hubs delivery time is usually 1-3 days
Wheels delivery time is usually 1-2 weeks

Carbon XC25 Wheels

Main informations

Weight (gr)
Inner width (mm)
Engagement points
Price (€)

Tech informations

- Rims : ERASE rims (made from Toray T700 and T800 carbon fibers)
- Hubs : ERASE hubs
- Spokes : Sapim Cx-Ray (made from stainless steel)
- Nipples : Sapim Polyax (made from aluminium)

The front hubs are available in 110x15 (Boost).

The rear hubs are available in 148x12 (Boost).

29" pair : 1380gr.

The wheels are handbuildt with 28 Sapim Cx-Ray spokes, three times crossed.

The wheels are built by hands and we take as much time as needed.
We tighten the spokes to an average tension of 1100N +- 5% on each spoke.
We true the wheel until the lateral movement is less than 0.05mm, the radial movement is less than 0.25mm.

No matter what !

*We use PKLie truing stands and WheelFanatyk tensiometers.

The wheels are delivered with tubeless tape and valves.
You just need to put your tires on with some sealant, inflate and ride.

The hub geometry is a very important point of a hub design. It defines the spokes lenght, but more importanly the wheel lateral rigidity. Further is the flange from the hub center, higher is the lateral stifness. Therefore, the wheel will be nervous and have accurate trajectories.

And to optimize a little more this wheel geometry, we use asymetric rims with a 2mm offset.

- Rims : Taiwan
- Hubs : Belgium
- Spokes : Belgium
- Nipples : Belgium

Colored nipples : free.
Colored valve decals : 20€.
Black spokes tying : 60€.

2.1" - 2.4".

Our wheels get a LIFETIME warranty.

- The warranty covers only product defaults.
- The warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by crash, misuse of the products, normal wear (bearings, tubeless accesories, decal, ...) and improper assembly or maintenance by an unauthorized dealer.

Only for the initial owner.


If you got in a crash, it can happen, we offer you a crash replacement program.

- You can get a new rim with a 30% discount.
- Handbuilding is free.
- Spokes or nipples, if damaged, and shipping fees are not covered.

Only for the initial owner.

*Carbon XC25 rim price with the 30% discount : 300€.